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Hand Detection Safety Sensor

Guardmaster™ SC300 Hand Detection Safety Sensor

Hand Detection Safety Sensor

Our Guardmaster™ SC300 Hand Detection Safety Sensor is a compact safety sensor system which operates based on image processing technology. The safety sensing function is performed by a single image sensing device viewing a single two-dimensional image against a passive pattern as the background. The detection principle is based on an object of a certain resolution blocking the view of the pattern from the image-sensing device.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides compact die-cast aluminum housing that can be mounted on the inside of OR on the side of a frame
  • Provides angular field of view of 110°
  • Offers automatic alignment
  • Lets you double the maximum opening dimension by installing two SC300 safety cameras back to back with synchronization inputs connected
  • Does not require software to program the monitored opening area


Bulletin 450L-B GuardShield Safety Light Curtain Technical Data